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Narrative: VALENTINE'S DAY OF 2006

What has been the most important Valentine's Day for you? For me, was on February 14th, 2006. My friends and I had never organized a good party to celebrate Valentine's Day, but in 2006 we did. We had prepared the party since 2 week ago. The party was special for me because it was fun and so exciting.
My friends and I were excited because of the party. We began the party at 2:00p.m and all my friends were there. We had prepared a lot of things to be fun. First, we began to play football, that was fun because we ha some accidents with the ball. Then, we took a break to talk. My friends and I began to be hungry; as a result, we decided to eat.
We had bought pizza, soda, and beer. A friend started to put the pizza on plates. I drank a soda, and then some beers. The food and drinks were delicious. We had bought a chocolate cake, and after eating the pizza, we started to eat the cake.
My friends and I did not eat the cake because a friend began a fight using it. All of my friends participated in the fight. Consequently, we were dirty. When we did not have more cake, we used water. We played for one hour, and we got tired. We cleaned ourselves, and we began to exchange gifts.
I received chocolate and other gifts. My friends and I received gifts, and we liked them. Then, we continued with the party. We drank beer, and danced. Before finishing the party, we broke a piñata. We were having a good time.
At 8:00p.m we decided to finish the party. I will never forget the party because it was special. I will never have another party like Valentine’s Day of 2006. I hope that one day I will have another good Valentine’s Day with all my new friends.

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